Foxtoberfest 2022 Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt Poker Run

This event runs Wednesday, October 12 - Friday, October 14 

The Fox Hunt is a self-guided driving event in the form of a poker run. You will receive list of locations to visit where you will be draw a poker card and you'll be given a corresponding stamp on your Fox Hunt sheet. Collect enough stamps to form a poker hand and you'll be entered to win some awesome prizes including a 2022 Foxtoberfest VIP Experience. The Fox Hunt will run all day Thursday and Friday (or within operating hours of the different locations) and prizes will be awarded at the Foxtoberfest awards ceremony on Saturday. Anyone can participate (Age 18+), you do not have to be the driver, multiple people in the same car can play. If you purchase the Fox Hunt full details will be mailed to you prior to the event. A few examples of places you might visit: Prestige Motorsports, Mustang Owner's Museum, Whiskey Prison.