1987-93 Ford Mustang Exterior Dew Wipe Set

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This is the part that sits at the top of the exterior of the door and wipes the dew off of the window as the window is rolled down. It is a rubber piece with felting on the side that rubs the window. No installation hardware required, just pop your old ones off and snap these new ones on. These are correct for coupe and hatchback from 1987-93 and convertibles from 1987-88. If you have a convertible, please confirm that your side view mirror looks like the one in the photo gallery to ensure that these are the dew wipes you need. If your mirrors do not look like the one pictured please see the dew wipes below under the "accessories" heading. Common terms for these: door belts, door felts and dew wipes. Sold as a set.

Year Range: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93