1987-93 Convertible Windshield Molding Set 4 Piece

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This is 4 piece set of restored 1987-93 Ford Mustang convertible windshield trim. Two of the pieces go on the left and right side of the windshield and the other two go across the top of the windshield and meet in the middle. These have been professionally stripped, then powder coated with a semi-gloss black that matches the original trim color. The powder coating process makes this trim superior to the original because it will not rub off where the top makes contact to the molding.

We are now out of our top quality restoration pieces. We do have a few sets left, but they have dents, dings or scratches. We have lowered the price from $150 to $100 for this reason. If you are interested in a set, but are concerned about the damage please contact us and we will email you pictures of the defects. If you do not request pictures we will just ship you what we think is the best of the remaining lot. We only have 4 sets left.