Roof Rail Belt Molding Master Kit

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This kit includes:
1 RH Roof Rail Molding
1 LH Roof Rail Molding
1 RH Door Belt Molding
1 LH Door Belt Molding
1 Belt Molding Hardware Set

Outer Door Belt Description: These outer belt moldings attach to the top of the door next to the dew wipe. This is a reproduction set (both sides) and comes with attaching hardware. This kit does not include the dew wipe, but see below if you need both the dew wipe and this molding. Fits coupe, hatchback and convertibles. Convertibles from 1989-93 have a studded belt molding extension that seats into this belt molding and continues over the side view mirror, see below.

Roof Rail Description: The roof rail moldings extend from the rear quarter window to the front of the door above the window. The mounting clips are attached, but are not available separately.

Year Range: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93