1987-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 Complete Factory-Style A/C Air Conditioning Kit

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This complete kit includes factory-style replacement parts. This is NOT a generic kit and no modifications are needed. Note: Freon and a/c oil are NOT included. All of these components are also available individually. You may consider purchasing a heater core and replacing that at the same time you replace the evaporator. This kit is compatible with both R12 & R134. The retrofit fittings are not included, you will need to purchase those separately.

This kit contains the following items:
1 - A/C Compressor (rebuilt and black in color)
1 - A/C Condenser
1 - Accumulator w/ Hose Assembly
1 - A/C Discharge Hose
1 - A/C Evaporator
1 - Liquid Line Hose

While you are putting it together there are a few rules to follow. Use di-electric grease to lube the o-rings. Any manual will say to use A/C oil, but A/C oil is thin and will dry up causing the o-rings to leak. You must vacuum the system for 30-40 minutes to boil out the moisture. When under a vacuum water boils at room temperature this is why you will see cool steam coming from the vacuum pump. On a retrofit you must use 8 ounces of Ester oil. We recommend the oil with the green dye. One ounce in the evaporator, 1 in the condenser, 2 in the accumulator and 4 in the compressor. IMPORTANT NOTE: before starting motor and A/C, turn compressor clutch by hand 20-30 times to move some of the oil out of compressor and into the line. This prevents hydro lock.

See this full article for more information: A/C Information

Year Range: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93